Laura Jantunen

  • Student in choreography, Starting year 2021
Laura Jantunen kukkia kasvoillaan.


Laura Jantunen is an artist who enjoys the daily changes of nature. For her, the colors, hapticity of materials and the senses, as well as how the gentle moods of the spaces bring unparalleled joy. In her works, she explores movement, experience, and perception as phenomenological questions. 

Jantunen graduated in 2011 from North Karelia collage Outokumpu dance education. Since graduating she has worked as a freelancer mostly concentrating on her own artistic work. Besides dance her artistic work expands to ryijy rugs and moving image. 

Jantunen sees career as an artist a marathon rather than a sprint. Hence her professional dreams are to develop her artistic practise, style and vision with every work she makes and work sustainably till retirement.