Ryan Mason



Ryan Mason is an innovative choreographer exploring the intersection of bodily discourses and material relationships that extend beyond the corporeal. His process-based approach has earned acclaim for both structured and improvisational works. One notable feature of his work juxtaposes the body’s representational attributes against its inherent physical expressivity within uncanny atmospheres. Ryan has held the position of rehearsal director for the past 10 years and has instructed workshops and guest lectured at universities such as SEAD, NYU, ABI Linz, b12 Berlin, and CalArts. He is also co-founder of the Helsinki-based company Thar Be Dragons, a theatrical research/performance initiative.

Professional dream

I would like to continue developing my co-formed company platform, Thar Be Dragons, along with a continued commitment to artistic research. It is within the vision of the company to establish a residency platform for artistic research and performance.

Special skills

  • excellent collaborator (light, sound, video, scenography, directors, actors, etc.)
  • engages Safe-Brave spaces and highly creative studio atmospheres
  • can work with non-professionals – highly experienced
  • can work with all scales of group sizes (individual to 50+)
  • understands theatrical production logistics (Blackbox to Opera house)
  • 30+ years of performance experience

Language skills

  • English (mother tongue)
  • German (good)


Artistic section:

Untitled Landscape 2023
Production: University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy

Written section:

Untitled Landscape: a reflection on an artistic process

Other education

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

Selected CV

Blink – commissioned work 2022
Ryan Mason & Annamari Keskinen, Tanztheater Braunschweig
Production: Staatsheater Braunschweig
Role: Co-director/choreographer

Ei – commissioned work 2018
Ryan Mason & Annamari Keskinen, Tanztheater Kassel
Production: Staatstheater Kassel
Role: Co-director/choreographer

Dying Animals Don’t Feel Sorry For Themselves (Immersive Theater) 2018
Direction, choreography and performance: Ryan Mason & Annamari Keskinen
Music and Performance: Elias Devoldereinvited
Performance: 10 + guest artists
Production: A Thar Be Dragons Production at Kaiku Club Helsinki
Assignment: Co-director/choreographer, performer

Multiple tanztheater productions: 2012-2014 Staatstheater Kassel, 2018 – present (Staatstheater Braunschweig)
2012-2014 Kassel, 2018 – present Braunschweig
Johannes Wieland (Kassel), Gregor Zöllig (Braunschweig), Guest Artists, Company Dancers
Production: Staatstheater Kassel & Staatstheater Braunschweig
Assingment: Rehearsal Director – choreographic assistance, company training, liaison between theater depts., audition & tour planning

10+ productions with choreographer/Director Johannes Wieland 2010-2012
Tanztheater – Artistic director Johannes Wieland
Production: Staatstheater Kassel
Assignment: performer