Niko Wearden

  • Student in Live Art and Performance Studies MA, starting year 2023

Niko Wearden is a British performance artist who lives in Helsinki now. At the moment, they have a practice of mostly refusing to talk about their practice.

Niko lives in Puotila with their housemate Oona, a dance artist and a video editing student. Nearby lives Orlan, Niko’s dear friend, with their children and dog, Sara. Niko just moved to Puotila, but they are looking forward to going for walks with Orlan and Sara often, as well as cycling and swimming in east Helsinki. On Sundays, Niko goes to Kaaos Company’s Sunday Movement Improvisation Class, and it is the most important part of their week. Many of their loved ones are often there, for example, Jemina, Sami, Pääsky, and their soft love Fran Trento usually comes afterwards to meet for a coffee. Although they often dance, Niko does not want to be a dancer.

Niko tends to their body in water, lying on the floor, ecological grief and waiting with his transcrip kin.

Niko studied BA Fine Art: Time Based Media at University of the Arts, London. Since graduating, they have shown collaborative and solo work internationally, including at The Royal Academy, London, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New Performance Turku, and ØY Festival, Orkney.