Laura Jantunen



Laura Jantunen is a dancer, choreographer and person who enjoys working with textiles. In her choreographies, she explores intimacy, strangeness, idiocy and empathy. Jantunen builds her performances using her Somagics practice, which is based on perception and the experience of the body. At the center of Somagics is Jantusen’s interest in exploring play in her dance performances and the moment of transition, i.e. the place where dance at its best takes the performer. At the moment, Jantunen is thinking about the questions of orientation and non-orientation in relation to the movement of the performer.


Artistic section:

Choreography: Laura Jantunen
Performers: Pauliina Sjöberg, Iiris Miettinen and Laura Jantunen
Composer: Leevi Räsänen
Lighting design: Ilmari Pesonen
Set design: Miina Kujala
Dramaturg: Pipsa Enqvist
Costume design and the Finish rugs: Laura Jantunen
Production: Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu

Written section:

Somagics – Autenttinen liike osana koreografin työtä