Mercedes Balarezo

  • Master of Arts (Dance) 2021
  • +358449831747
Mercedes Balarezo

Year of birth: 1985


Mercedes Balarezo, Ecuadorian dance artist and pedagogue. Balancing her work as a dance teacher, performer, and the direction of choreographic projects, the topics she has explored in her creative work are eclectic. A common thread is: bringing people together, the exploration of the Ecuadorian identity and the zones where pedagogy meets the performing arts. Currently, Mercedes is exploring the relationship between voice and movement. Her work The Voice as a Limb: Sounding Dance Laboratory deals with the question: what does it mean to put the voice at the centre of the dance improvisation? Her belief is that art pedagogy can aim towards the democratization of creative expression.

Special skills

  • Strong and confident performer
  • Highly empathic teacher
  • Creative and resourceful body-mind
  • Gifted in the art of hot-sauce preparation

Language skills

  • Spanish – mother tongue (excellent)
  • English (excellent)
  • Japanese (good)
  • Finnish (basics)


Artistic and pedagogical section

All you can do is breathe and hope

Written section

The Voice as a Limb: Discovering Pedagogy and Politics Through the Bridge of Voice and Movement

Other education

Bachelor in Educational Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito- Ecuador 2015
Professional Trainning in Contemporary Dance, Contempodanza, CDMX-Mexico, 2009

Selected cv

Untitled ritual: A memorial for my lost fat 2020
Creator and performer: Mercedes Balarezo
Production: Museum of Impossible Forms

Workshop Voz y Cuerpo Performático 2019
Facilitator: Mercedes Balarezo
Production: Universidad de las Artes, Guayaquil-Ecuador

For this dance I will take the lead 2019
Concept: Tellervo Kalleinen
Production: Mad House Helsinki
Assignment: performer

En mi cuerpo existirás 2012-2018
Director: Xavier Delgado
Production: Colectivo Zeta Danza, Quito-Ecuador
Assignment: dancer

West Side Story 2012
Director: Chia Patiño
Production: Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre, Quito-Ecuador
Assignment: dancer