Yun-Chen Chang



Yun-Chen Chang is a Taiwanese performance artist working across choreography, performance and visual arts. Her performance practice has evolved around a vulnerable body in a changing environment, a question of home, and a dream full of transformative potential. Still Changing and Relaxing on a Shaky Ground are two of her performance projects in which she performs with a large scale of chairs and tables with the intention of hosting an audience in a strange and precarious home. She is interested in exploring playfulness, vulnerability and transformation while negotiating, collaborating and observing power dynamics in a temporary audience community or in the context of artistic collaboration.

Language skills

  • English (excellent)
  • Mandarin Chinese (excellent)
  • French (excellent)
  • Finnish (basics)

Thesis project

Artistic work

Relaxing on a Shaky Ground 2023
Artistic collaboration and performance: Teemu Mustonen, Jouni Ilari Tapio, Yun-Chen Chang
Sound design: Jouni Ilari Tapio
Costume design: Kasia Zofia Gorniak
Video installation: Ville Koskinen, Yun-Chen Chang
Lighting consultant: Samu Kotilainen
Production: Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy
Assignment: Concept, choreography and installation

Written component

Choreographing Collapsing Bodies

Other education

Bachelor degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, National Taiwan University, 2012

Selected cv

here for a moment (duet) 2023
Concept facilitation, co-creation and performance: Raphaël Beau
Production: Urbanapa x Ateneum Festival, Ateneum Art Museum
Assignment: Co-creation and performance

Archive 2023
Co-creation and performance: Natalia Koziel-Kalliomäki
Production: Alert Live Art Festival
Assignment: Co-creation and performance

My Body is a Queer Library 2022
Concept, choreography and artistic direction: River Lin
Performance: Emilia Anttila, Yunchen Chang, Dasha Che, Samuli Emery, Juho Kela, Vishnu Vardhani Rajan, Simo Salim, Lindon Shimizu
Production: ANTI Contemporary Art Festival
Assignment: Performance

Still Changing: Landscape 2022
Curation and artistic dialogue: Jarkko Partanen
Production: Tracing Work Exhibition, Kuva/Tila Gallery, University of the Arts Helsinki
Assignment: Concept, installation and performance

Still Changing 2021
Artistic dialogue: River Lin, I-Fen Tung, Hsiao-Tzu Tien
Unboxing: Live Art Arena residency, Umay Theatre, Taipei
Assignment: Choreography and performance