Stefanía Ólafsdóttir



Originally from Iceland, I received my BA in Art History and Visual Culture from the University of Manchester before returning to Iceland to delve deeper into my artistic praxis at the independent art situation LungA School. Having spent many years travelling I also invested time in studying with different contemporary dance and movement practitioners around the world. From painting and printing I began creating installations, eventually performing with(in) them, and eventually decided to pursue performance art here in Helsinki.

Working with water as my point of departure, I am now diving into the material and political implications of bodily fluids, moving towards a larger consideration of biopolitics. Occupying my praxis are concerns for Xenofeminist thinking, Post-Human dreaming and Queer Fictioning as I examine my personal herstory and (dis?)entangle the forms of (re)productive labour which make my being possible. I am interested in enacting the absurd and the abstract, to embody the implications of my ideas beyond only fiction, and plan to birth new forms of techno-kinships into this world.