Shaghayegh Ansari Manouchehrabadi



Originating from Iran, I embarked on my academic journey with a Bachelor’s degree in acting and directing from the University of Tehran, followed by a Master’s degree in directing from the same institution.
Drawing from diverse experiences in visual and performing arts, I specialize in documentary theater, using various media such as video, imagery, and documentary materials to convey my ideas. Particularly intrigued by the intersection of site-specific, digital, and documentary performances, I delve into exploring my identity as an artist.
In my artistic practice, I embrace interactive elements, including game-playing structures, to engage with my audience dynamically. Through mediums like video, text and interactive digital media, I provoke critical reflection and challenge hegemonic structures while responding to pressing social realities. My goal is to offer alternative perspectives within specific contexts, fostering meaningful dialogue and catalyzing societal transformation.

Photographer: Mina Soroush