Onur Tayranoğlu

Date of birth: 1999


Onur Tayranoğlu (TR) is a transdisciplinary performance artist based in Helsinki. They approach various mediums such as text, video, digital media and installation through performance and theory based research processes. By often situating their practice in the grey areas between life and live art, Onur deals with the vague concept of performativity beyond art contexts; within the flow of social, political and cultural realities. Their artistic practice is informed and inspired by intersectional experiences, practices, histories and theories of queerness. Onur’s works have been featured in several curated exhibitions, programs and festivals in Turkey, the Netherlands and Finland.

Language skills

  • Turkish (mother language)
  • Finnish (basics)
  • English (excellent)
  • German (basics)

Thesis project

Written component

Plug’n’Play: Peeking out of the closet into the visibility paradigm

Artistic work

Working group: Anna Pietilä, Jon Pettersson, Onur Tayranoğlu, Lempi Koponen
Production: Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy

Other education

Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Media and Society, Leiden University, 2021.

Minor Studies in Game Studies and Cultural Analysis, Leiden University, 2021.

Selected CV

Here and There 2023
Costume in collaboration with Kolya Kotov
Production: Circus Maximus & Serlachius Residency
Role: Artist

Ringing, Seeking, Plotting: A cruising kit 2022
Created in collaboration with Amanda Hunt
Production: Mad House Helsinki

The Hero’s Quest 2021
Created in collaboration with Melisa Saydı
Production: bsence Festival at ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL)

Skin Screen 2021
Created in collaboration with Yun-Chen Chang, Jessica Guez, Amanda Hunt, Tina Jeranko, Maija Linturi, Stefanía Ólafsdóttir, Ladapha Sophonkunkit.
Production: Vantaa Art Museum Artsi