Ladapha Sophonkunkit

Year of Birth: 1991


Tangmo Ladapha S. is a performer and producer. Her interests are in memory art, focusing on state violence and suppressed memories. Her artistic interest in memory art revolves around the practice of using personal and social memories in performance as a gesture to remember the past and re-imagine possible futures. Tangmo is continuously researching and developing more ways to work with memory as a medium in her performance. In various modes and settings, she practices working with audiences. Peace Piece (2018) and memory field (2023) are two participatory performances that invite the audience to engage on different levels and open up a space to share thoughts, emotions, or even memories.

Language skills

  • Thai (mother tongue)
  • English (good)

Thesis project

Artistic work

memory field
Production: Theatre Academy
Role: Performer and writer

Written component

Memory Field