Homa Shokri



Homa Shokri is an Iranian director and dramaturg whose work centers on political contexts. Her career explores political bodily experiences in both public and private realms, focusing on human struggles within political discourse. Her projects examine the impact of neoliberal governance and social media propaganda on bodily movements, telling the stories of marginalised individuals resisting oppressive regimes. Survival is a core theme in her works, approached from various political perspectives. Her projects aim to transform audiences from passive observers into active participants, creating immersive theatrical experiences.

Language skills

  • Finnish (basic)
  • English (excellent)
  • German (basic)
  • Persian
  • Arabic (basic)

Thesis project

Artistic work

Marginal Notes on a Body Slipping Away
Direction and cinematography: Homa Shokri
Writing: Farhan Sonboldel
Dramaturgy: Birgitte Maaike Feddersen
Light design: Oskari Kaarne
Scenography: Kristian Schmidt
Sound design: Hulda Hjálmarsdóttir
Costume and mask design: Riitta Sinkkonen-Saarela
Performing: Kadence Neil, Paria Mohajerani
Production: Theatre Academy

Written component

From Isolation to Resistance: Exploring the Duality of Audience Engagement in Collective Spaces in Political Arts and Social Movements

Other education

Bachelor’s degree in drama and playwriting, University of Tehran, 2021