George Rallis

  • Student in Live Art and Performance Studies MA, starting year 2023

George Rallis is a Cypriot cultural practitioner whose practice adopts a transdisciplinary approach to art-making across dance, drag, writing and visual arts. As a main focal point of their embodied practice, belly dance (Oriental dance) informs their expansions of movement while those are combined with other variations. In addition, embodied characters and drag has adjusted their aesthetic as a continuation of their background. By holding an anti-colonial and anti-assimilationist queer approach to their work, George attempts to question the ways one embodies cultural and political significances within discourse. Through this analogy, what they question is meaning construction as that occupies the body, in its various manifestations, including the social, the corporeal, the political and the spiritual body.  In addition, by bringing theoretical apparatuses to the forefront of embodiment, they work with ideas of queer hermeneutics, ontological locality, performativity, trauma, identity and queer natality. Their practice takes shape in performances, workshops, events while also video and writing.                   

Language Skills:                          
English (excellent)                    
Greek (excellent)
French (good)

Other education:                       
Research Master’s degree in Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, 2019.
Diploma in Literary Modernism, University of Edinburgh, 2015.
Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Cyprus, 2014.   

Selected CV:
The River beneath the River, 2023.                  
– MITOS Center of Performing Arts, Limassol, Cyprus
Co-performer: Sophia Constantinou, FROZEN WINDS          
Dramaturgy: Annie Khoury   
Sound Production: HISDARKElements           
Role: Performer & Director

A Queer Becoming, 2022.       
– Sessions, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Sound Production: HISDARKElements
Role: Performer & Director

Cartwheel, 2022.
– MITOS Center of Performing Arts, Limassol, Cyprus.
Sound Production: Uvglov     
Movement Director: Belinda Papavasileiou 
Text Contribution: Yiannis Papadakis             
Role: Performer & Director

The Book Club, 2021-               
-Nimac, Nicosia / DriveDrive, Nicosia/ Romatzo, Athens / Tapper, Limassol / Uniarts, Helsinki.                 
Role: Creator & Workshop Facilitator

Dam’d Queer Night, 2019-2020
– Cinema of the Dam’d, Amsterdam.              
Role: Curator & Artistic Director