Antonia Atarah


Year of birth: 1996
Length: 173 cm


A Ghanian-Finnish actor and performer who has in addition completed courses in musical theatre studies. With her multidisciplinary background she has curiously varied between different performing art forms, practices and groups in Finland, Germany and Ghana. In autumn 2023 onwards she will be employed for a year with Svenska teatern and touring with a performance by choreographer Sonya Lindfors. Atarah believes strongly in collective work aims to broaden the perception and task of “the actor” by finding diversity within that role. She is interested in black body politics and decolonisation in art forms. She aims to create formats that would favor and promote BIPOC identity and creativy.

Professional dream

To fruitfully work with as many lovely artists and artforms in as many countries as possible. Having my profession as my main income would also be quite nice.

Special skills

  • singing (alto)
  • dancing and movement
  • theatre pedagogy
  • arts and crafts
  • facilitation

Language skills

  • Swedish (excellent)
  • Finnish (excellent)
  • English (excellent)
  • Frafra (excellent)


Artistic section

Choreographer and director: Sonya Lindfors
Working group: Antonia Atarah, Hamis Ahmed, Geoffrey Erista, Nori Kin, Isabella Shaw, Alma Bø Getachew, Mariama Slåttøy, Erno Aaltonen, Jussi Matikainen, Sanna Levo, Angel Emmanuel, Aino Koski, Janina Salmela and Sonya Lindfors
Participants in the process: Ornilia Ubisse, Judith Arupa, Alen Nsambu, Johanna Karlberg, Jaakko Pallasvuo
Institution of production: UTT ry (Urbaanin taidetanssin tukiyhdistys) and Sonya Lindfors
Place of production: Zodiak, Dance House Helsinki

Written section

Verkligheten vi behöver- en reflektering och processbeskrivning

Selected cv 

Lyhyt episodi sienisivilisaation universaalissa historiassa 2023
Direction: Essi Rossi
Production: Espoo City Theatre and Klockriketeatern
Role: performer

Armageddon 2022
Working group: Sara Melleri, Sonya Linfors and Elina Pirinen
Production: Espoo City Theatre
Role: performer

Rasande stillestånd 2022
Concept and direction: Rasmus Slätis
Production: Lilla Teatern (Helsinki City Theatre)
Role: performer

Private dancer 2022
Direction: Lidia Bäck
Production: Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy and Hangö Teaterträff
Role: performer